Safety Always

In British Columbia, the Workers Compensation Act, Occupation Health and Safety Regulations are administered by Work Safe BC. At Eagle West Precast, we not only follow but exceed Safety standards for our employees and our customers. Eagle West Precast works at all times to ensure that we meet and exceed all requirements of the Work Safe BC, Regulation and Code. Eagle West commits to meeting and exceeding all industry, provincial and federal Health, Safety and Environmental Standards. Eagle West Precast is also a member in good standing with the following organizations:

As a business priority, we ensure the health and safety of all workers for Eagle West Precast, and any other workers present at our customers work site. We remedy any workplace conditions that are hazardous to the health or safety of our workers and ensure that all workers are made aware of all known or reasonably foreseeable health or safety hazards to which they are likely to be exposed to by their work. We ensure that all of our workers are made aware of their rights and duties under the applicable provincial Health, Safety and Environmental Regulation and Code. We have established occupational health and safety policies and programs in accordance with the regulations. All of our workers have been provided with the necessary information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to ensure their health and safety and the safety of other workers at the work site. If you have any safety concerns at any time please feel free to contact the following key Eagle West Precast staff to answer any and all questions you may have.