Precast Project Planning Services

project-planningPrecast Project Planning Services

When you are facing a detailed multiple vendor project you can cut down your time and stress with just a simple call to Eagle West and request a total solution to your project.

Eagle West can provide:

  • All project pre-planning
  • Project management services
  • Certified lift engineering (if required)
  • Work Safe plans
  • Local, Regional or International delivery and transportation logistics to and/or from your project for all items or materials
  • All crane services
  • All rigging and manpower services
  • Industrial moving services
  • Pilot car services
  • Road control services

We have planned and executed on hundreds of projects and are uniquely positioned in the industry to provide all of the above services as a single vendor solution and welcome the opportunity to review your project needs and provide an inclusive solution.

Eagle West provides total precast product and delivery solutions to the road building industry. We add value to your project by providing the product, technical expertise and equipment depth to meet your most challenging needs.

Your call to 1-800-667-2215 will result in the focused service your project deserves.