Commercial Fence Walls

Decorative Concrete Fence Walls for Commercial Applications

Commercial Fence Walls built from traditional block and concrete are generally functional, but not necessarily attractive. Now, there’s a decorative alternative to standard concrete masonry fence walls. StoneTree® Fence Panels are precast vertically, forming highly defined finishes on BOTH sides of the wall in natural-looking stone, block or brick concrete fence wall textures, providing an attractive view from every angle.

Reinforce Branding with StoneTree® Fence Walls

Corporations, retailers, municipalities, homeowner associations and other entities seek innovative ways to increase awareness of their business. Commercial Fence Walls which incorporate brand identity logos or icons are a constant, yet subtle reminder of a company’s products or services. StoneTree® Concrete Form Liners may be customized to include logos, icons and other branding elements which will then be cast into the concrete fence wall sections. When viewed from a distance, the logos reinforce brand messaging without being overpowering.

Reduce Construction-Related Costs with StoneTree® Panels

Safety and labor-efficiency are two high-dollar criteria which big box retailers, real estate developers and other businesses take into consideration when choosing or specifying commercial fence wall products. The StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall System has been designed to be the safest, most labor-efficient commercial fence wall on the market. By combining patent-pending Combo-Cast™ Technology with a proprietary Rigid Footing Support System, StoneTree® Fence Wall Panels take approximately ten minutes each to install, and requires a crew of only three, ensuring that labor hours are reduced in comparison to other products available.

StoneTree® Commercial Fence Walls are available in standard fence wall heights up to twelve feet, with higher heights upon request. They easily integrate safety and security fence equipment features such as security fence gates, wrought iron with spikes, razor wire, fence lighting or cameras.

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