Security Fence Walls

Protect Your Property with StoneTree® Security Fence Walls

Security fence walls keep property safe from trespassers, providing safety and protection to the area the fence encloses. StoneTree™ Concrete Fence Walls are an excellent security fence option, keeping out the things you want to keep out, as well as keeping safe the things you want around. StoneTree® Fence Wall Systems are currently used to provide security around residential developments, industrial projects, utility substations, big box stores and more.

StoneTree® Security Fencing Panels: Utilitarian Purpose, Decorative Facade

Most security fences are utilitarian, not built to be aesthetically pleasing. StoneTree® concrete security fencing panels are not only functional, but attractive as well, as they are vertically cast, ensuring that a decorative, highly defined formed texture in a natural-looking block, stone, brick or custom designed pattern is formed on both sides of the wall.

Flexible Design with the Strength of Concrete

StoneTree® Combo-Cast™ wall sections are manufactured using high strength concrete, providing thickness and density, and working effectively as a reflective sound barrier. StoneTree® Fence Walls are available in a variety of heights and are easily customized for the installation and use of security attachments such as gates, razor or barbed wire, wrought iron with spikes, security cameras, security lighting, sirens or a combination of any of these to ensure the area being enclosed is protected at all times.

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