Sound Wall Barrier

StoneTree Sound Wall Barrier for Traffic Noise Reduction

Natural-Looking Formed Stone, Block or Brick Texture on Both Sides Of Wall

Highway sound wall barriers, also known as Traffic Noise Barriers, are designed to have a high sound transmission loss value, thereby protecting the public against noise pollution, which can lead to hearing loss, stress, increased blood pressure and sleep disturbance.

Most municipal or Ministry of Transportation highway sound walls have two primary objectives. Transportation engineers, civil engineers and planners specify that:

  • traffic noise barriers intercept and deflect noise levels up to 10 decibels
  • attractive, aesthetically pleasing highway sound wall barriers be utilized

Highway sound walls cast using StoneTree precast concrete sound wall forming equipment meet both of the preceding traffic noise mitigation and aesthetic criteria desired by Ministry of Transportation engineers and specifiers. Sound wall barriers manufactured with StoneTree precast concrete sound wall forms have the following advantages:


  • Reduced Traffic Noise: Traffic noise measurements on commercial, industrial, residential and highway full height sound wall panels built with StoneTree precast concrete sound wall forming equipment indicate a significant reduction in sound waves traveling past the wall through gaps and openings of stacked panels, effectively decreasing noise pollution.



  • Attractive, Dual-Sided Texture: The attractive nature of highway sound walls cast with StoneTree precast concrete forms assists in obtaining community acceptance and right of ways from property owners including HOAs, gated communities and businesses. This is because the sound wall panels have a highly defined formed texture on BOTH sides of the wall, providing an attractive view from every angle. The texture can be a natural stone, split face block or other custom architectural designed appearance, as specified.



  • Time & Cost Savings: Contractors are drawn to the StoneTree product due to the ease of assembly and money saving design. Instead of two separate pieces, the column and panel elements are formed together creating a single, solid structure; this contributes to reduced project costs by allowing simpler, more time effective installation.


Case Study

Learn more about how StoneTree met the coastal high wind and seismic specifications required for the Lion’s Bay Sound Wall Barrier project.