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Engineered – Curved Retaining Wall Blocks

Engineered – Curved Retaining Wall Blocks

Many contractors around the lower mainland of British Columbia struggle with the same two questions. How do you make a retaining wall block curve around a corner? And how do you make it look good? Two questions that I believe have caused a great many geotechnical engineers and architects a ton of headaches.

Backing this discussion up a little and we need to discuss the traditional retaining wall solutions. First, many people use stacking cement blocks. Our company sells them and the cement block is perfect in certain applications. However, if the application needs to curve around a corner or look good then these blocks fail miserably.

Consider that this is the default product that many people in BC have been using to retain dirt and hillsides. It works, it gets an engineers stamp but you also need to be prepared to cover it up with cedar hedging if you want your hillside to look good.

A second option, depending on height, is to use a small block application. You can curve around corners and it looks good. However, if the wall is four feet or higher, you won’t be able to get an engineer to put their stamp of approval on the small block retaining wall. Plus, consider how many blocks a team of landscapers it takes to place a large wall of small blocks. The blocks are inexpensive but the labour adds up.

This is where we ask for the drum roll please… What if I told you there is now a large precast concrete block that is engineered, has geogrid capacity, curves around corners and looks good? You are probably saying to yourself that this is to good to be true. We it isn’t.

Eagle West Precast is now offering Redi Rock retaining wall blocks. Having a history of being available throughout the United States we are excited to be the distributor of the product in BC. Take a look yourself, it’s good look blocks. They are stainable allowing you to choose your own colour. It is large block so it can be used as a gravity wall as well as an engineered geogrid wall if your wall gets over the 4′ height.

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1 Person Installing Redi Rock Wall Blocks

1 Person Installing Redi Rock Wall Blocks

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