Gravity Retaining Walls

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What is a Gravity Wall System?

The Power of Gravity in Block Form

Massive, one ton Redi-Rock blocks rely on the sheer mass of each block to hold back the earth. A Redi-Rock gravity wall can be built in less space than a small block wall, and in many cases requires no geogrid reinforcement. Gravity walls are an ideal solution for projects that need to be built close to existing structures.

> Less excavation
> Less labour
> Less space
> Faster

Redi-Rock blocks are made of architectural grade precast concrete, but they feature the look of natural stone, giving reinforced retaining walls a beautiful look. The patented knob and groove design of these large blocks for gravity retaining walls aligns blocks perfectly. Installation is fast and easy, similar to building a Lego wall.

Redi-Rock large blocks for gravity walls perform extremely well in water applications. Why? Architectural grade precast concrete, massive block sizes, and rigorous engineering combine to create a formidable solution for any shoreline, storm channel, or retention pond. Other Redi-Rock gravity wall applications include:

  • Minimize right-of-way requirements
  • Add parking

  • Build a wall quickly
  • Build in front of a failing wall