Reinforced Retaining Wall

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Why Choose the PC System Reinforced Retaining Wall?

The Positive Connection (PC) System is a revolutionary new way to construct MSE walls. It requires only two components: the block and the geogrid. There are no special connection components that can fail or corrode, which simplifies the construction sequence and provides a rock solid connection. Simply thread the grid through the slot in the blocks.

Redi-Rock blocks are made of architectural grade precast concrete, but they feature the look of natural stone, giving reinforced retaining walls a beautiful look.

How Do Reinforced Blocks Work?

Redi-Rock uses the weight of the blocks to hold back the earth. This allows Redi-Rock to build taller walls than smaller block units before needing to add geogrid or tiebacks. The PC System provides a weight-independent connection between Redi-Rock blocks and 12 in. wide strips of geogrid. The patent-pending smooth edge technology provides extremely high connection strengths with the geogrid reinforcement. The PC System can easily be designed to meet M.O.T. design standards.

Redi-Rock blocks are trapezoidal in shape, enabling convex and concave radii configurations. The knob and groove design of each Redi-Rock block creates a self-aligning system so that there is no need to manually adjust the setback.

Redi-Rock PC System Features

  • Handles Extreme Live Loads
  • Maximizes Height, Minimizes Grid

  • Offers Superior Seismic Performance
  • M.O.T. Compliant

With Redi-Rock, there’s less reinforcement material to handle, install, and store. This translates into saved installation time and costs.